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White Paper

We created NFTOPIUM - NFT marketplace
on Binance Smart Chain and now:

transaction fees are several times cheaper;
any transactions with your NFTs are faster;
collecting is even more profitable.

The BSC is technically compatible with the EVM, so you don't have to worry about your NFTs being isolated from existing applications or collections built on Ethereum. On the contrary, many projects and developers today choose BSC as a worthy alternative in order to unite in the future NFT innovations from different blockchains in uniform application variations limited only by imagination users when the Ethereum network is mature enough.

NFTOPIUM is a convenient place to search and showcase creative works, as well as a comfortable home for the world's best design professionals. At the same time, NFTOPIUM is a public trading platform for NFT. Create, sell, or collect blockchain-protected digital goods.

WP structure

  1. Circulation Token (QAS)
  2. Management Token (QUO)
  3. Creation and circulation of NFT on the marketplace
  4. Liquidity pool
  6. NFTOPIUM Fund
  7. User's personal account
  8. Answers on questions

QAS circulation token

QAS is the circulation token or circulatory system of NFTOPIUM. Functions

  • NFT payment;
  • farming in the liquidity pool;
  • recommendation fee


1. MAX Supply: 2 000 000 000 QAS

2. Pre-sale before the launch of the marketplace: 500,000,000 QAS

The goal is to develop the NFTOPIUM marketplace and launch the NFTOPIUM DAO. Conducted with the selling site with a counter before the launch of the marketplace.

Sales start at $ 0.01. Duration 720 hours
Increase from $ 0.01 to $ 0.09 every 80 hours at $ 0.01

Minimum lot - $ 50

At each price, members will be able to purchase a maximum of 55,555,555.6 QASeven if the time before the next promotion has not expired.

Unsold items during the QAS pre-sale period are burned.

The distribution of funds collected on the presale is carried out by a smart contract and data is publicly available (max fundraising can be up to $ 25,000,000):

liquidity pools; marketing (including 20% NFTOPIUM Presale recommendation program; development; NFTOPIUM DAO; team.

The term for freezing tokens is 182 days from the launch of the QAS / USDT liquidity pool (BEP-20) with a phased unfreezing of 1/182 part daily.

3. Sale at the time of the launch of the marketplace: 500,000,000 QAS.
The main goal is the formation of the NFTOPIUM Fund.

Sales start from $ 0.10 The sale is carried out already from the marketplace website after its launch and provided that the participant has activated his personal account by linking a unique wallet and replenished the balance.

Duration 2160 hours, increasing from $ 0.10 to $ 0.90 every 240 hours at $ 0.10. Counter on the site.

For each price, no more than 55 555 555.6 QAS is also available, even if the time before the next increase has not expired.

Unsold items during the QAS sale period are burned.

The distribution of funds collected on the sale is carried out by a smart contract (max fundraising can be up to $ 250,000,000):

NFTOPIUM Fund; marketing (including 20% NFTOPIUM Presale recommendation program; liquidity pools; development; reserve fund NFTOPIUM DAO; team.

The token freeze period is 90 days from the launch of the QAS / USDT liquidity pool (BEP-20) with a phased unfreeze of 1/90 of the daily.

After the sale is completed on the marketplace, a liquidity pool is activated with the main pair QAS / USDT (BEP-20) and AMMM (automatic multi market maker), with which QAS is freely traded. Until then, for QAS, it is only possible to sell and buy NFTs on the marketplace and place them on pharming paired with USDT.

4. The first 100,000 NFT creators: receive 100,000 QAS (after creating the first NFT on the marketplace and putting it up for auction). Another 100,000 QAS are received by the first 100,000 creators whose NFTs were purchased with QAS. In both cases, one-time 1 QAS with a congratulatory notification in your personal account.

5. Programs of recommendations. Bonus 100,000,000 QAS.

In order to stimulate HODL QAS tokens at the initial stage among active members of the NFTOPIUM Community, we have created a recommendation program during the Pre Sale and Sale stages, according to which you receive 10% of the QAS payments by your personally invited investors and earn real money already at an early stage of development. NFTOPIUM. Recommend participation in the NFTOPIUM Presale or the NFTOPIUM Sale using your personal link to make a profit here and now.

When a user invests in QAS, then 10% of the amount of his payment provided to the referrer as a reward. At the same time, he receives + 10% bonus in QAS tokens (from the amount paid). Thus 100% investment converted to QAS.

If the user registers directly on the site without an affiliate link, then finds itself in the root of the marketing structure. Funds entering the root the marketing structure is directed to Promo and PR NFTOPIUM Presale or NFTOPIUM Sale. Surplus at the end of two rounds of funding is apportioned at the discretion of the team, including the balance of 100,000,000 QAS intended for bonuses. Preliminary: this remnant will be burned.

6. 250 million QAS for the development of NFTOPIUM DAO and liquidity pools.

QAS liquidity pools are added in an amount depending on the results of Presale and Sale, as well as in proportion to other assets in pairs according to the formula:% of collection in equivalent USD (30% and 15%, respectively, from the calculation above) / amount QAS tokens (up to 83 333 333.3 + up to 41 666 666.7) = $ 1 for 1 QAS.

That is, in the DAO: 125 million QAS to provide liquidity in the pools, and 125 million QAS to reward community members for contributions to the development of the DAO, including PR and Marketing, and to the development of self governance.

7.599.8 million QAS is owned by the team as a majority stake in the company and remain frozen until the full autonomy of the NFTOPIUM DAO. The key indicator for this will be the overall assessment of the NFTOPIUM Fund at least $ 550,000,000.

Upon reaching the specified indicator, the entire amount, namely 599,800,000 QAS defrosted and distributed:

150 000 000 QAS
transferred to the NFTOPIUM DAO reserve fund;
139 800 000 QAS
replenishes NFTOPIUM FUND;
210 000 000 QAS
distributed within the team;
100 000 000 QAS
becomes available to NFTOPIUM DAO for development and maintenance.

QAS token after the completion of 2 rounds of funding will be possible to acquire and sell not only in the liquidity pool of the NFTOPIUM marketplace, but also on third-party sites at prices that reflect the supply and demand of the free market.

QUO Management Token

A management token allows its owners who have placed it on staking:

  • Suggest changes within NFTOPIUM DAO;
  • Vote for acceptance / rejection of changes within the NFTOPIUM DAO;
  • Receive passive income in QAS from all NFT sales and purchases.

A total of 25,000,000 QUO (MAX Supply) will be issued.
QUO cannot be purchased, it can only be earned by farming QAS in tandem with USDT (BEP-20) in the liquidity pool.

The NFTOPIUM DAO protocol is built on BSC and generates a new block every 3-5 seconds.
At the same time, 1.3212 QUO is issued and distributed among farmers, proportionally shares provided by them to the liquidity pool. It is mined and distributed per day approximately 22,830 QUO (depending on BSC operation). In this way pharming of QUO management tokens will last approximately 3 years from the date of launch NFTOPIUM DAO protocol.

QUO holders can stake them and:
1. Receive passive income (in QAS) in the amount of 0.2% of all purchases and sales NFT on the NFTOPIUM marketplace;
2. Receive up to 0.4% (in QAS) of all NFT sales for staking recommendations QUO, proportional to the volume of steaks at 5 levels in depth of marketing structures from the calculation:

  • Level 1 - 0.1% of the steak volume, in proportion to the total weight of the steaks in all the first levels of the marketing structure. Similarly, as it is considered proportionality of personal steaks;
  • Level 2 - 0.1% of the steak volume, in proportion to the total weight of the steaks in all second levels of the marketing structure. Similarly, as it is considered proportionality of personal steaks
  • Level 3 - 0.1% - || -
  • Level 4 - 0.07% - || -
  • Level 5 - 0.03% - || -

3. Participate in the management of the DAO, having any size of QUO steaks The QUO management token is not available for conversion in the NFTOPIUM liquidity pool. His holders can freely sell it on third-party sites at prices, showing the supply and demand of the free market.

Creation and circulation of NFT on the NFTOPIUM marketplace

In order to create your NFT and add it to the marketplace, you do not need to have technical skills. You are engaged in creativity and embodiment of your ideas, and we we take care of the rest.
The process of creating an NFT or tokenizing the objects you add is called chasing. You just need to set a few parameters and the NFT is ready.

Follow the steps:

1. Select the standard of the created NFT

Not Fungible
(token in a single copy)
Unique in-game items or characters. Unique digital works of art. Dr. objects. Nothing like your NFT in the world definitely doesn't exist.
Partially interchangeable
(token in multiple copies)
The same in-game items or characters. Copies of digital works of art. Duplicates. You can release your NFT in limited number of copies and send multiple copies of one transaction
(the token owns other tokens)
Unique playable character, owning unique and the same game items, as well as digital works art. Unique gaming character who owns a deposit in DeFi application. This NFT can own the first two or any crypto assets such as BTC, ETH and USDT

If you have not selected this option, then by default your NFT will be minted in the standard BEP-721. Don't worry if something went wrong with you the first time. planned. You can always burn the NFTs you added while you are the sole owner, and minted new ones. Keep in mind that when creating and burning NFT, a commission for posting meta data will be deducted from your wallet balance, NFT creation and transaction. It is several times lower than the Ethereum blockchain fees, so for using Q NFT is already much more profitable. Remember to keep your wallet with a little BNB for commissions

2. Load the object in a valid format and, if desired, add a preview to it.

For example, if you tokenize audio, then as a preview you can add for itcover. You can also add unlockable content that will be available only for NFT holders.

3. Next, briefly enter the name of your NFT in the Name field, and, if desired, describe its detailed concept in the Details field.

4. Click the Minute button and confirm the transaction. After the completion of the process you NFT will be created and displayed in your personal account. Then it's time to acquaint the whole world with him, for this you choose one of four ways:

  1. Publish it in the Private Collection section After publication, others users will be able to see the NFT you own and rate it on a 10-point basis scale. To do this, there is a Private Collections section on the marketplace;
  2. Put your NFT up for direct sale, or shard and invite other users to buy its shares It is possible to change the price in any time without transaction costs by applying for a signature through your purse
  3. Put your NFT up for auction using the auction providing an opportunity appreciate it and form a market price for other users NFTOPIUM - to the auction participants
  4. Donate your NFT, its share or collection to another user beautifully design a sign of your attention using the Gifts marketplace service.

In the Private collection section, you can publish both individual NFTs and collected you collections that can consist of NFTs and shards. An NFT shard is a token that is a fraction of an integer nft. Nft tokenization is called sharding. Your concepts collections are only limited by your imagination.

Once you have created a collection, you can tokenize it directly on the marketplace and publicly (or privately) invite other marketplace users to purchase shares of your collection, or purchase management tokens issued by you collections and thus create a DAO collection, where the holders of the control tokens can propose changes and vote for them. The third option is to create your own

Before placing your NFT for trading, set the commission parameters:

  1. if you are a creator then you can pledge constant royalties from 0% to 51%. When with each resale of the NFT you create, you will receive the corresponding reward from the amounts of all repeat purchases. It is possible to install royalties for a limited number of resale.
  2. if you are a collector and you are also an experienced connoisseur, like recognized censors, whose opinion society is inclined to listen to, and own purchased NFTs at 100% (not shares), then you can set commissions to next resale of this NFT from 0% to 5%. This is the reward for your work on searching, selecting the most outstanding NFTs and presenting them to the world. For getting such a commission does not need to own an NFT. If the creator agrees to install this commission in your favor as a thank you for promoting the created im nft, it is possible.

Marketplace prices are displayed in USD equivalent.

Marketplace fees NFTOPIUM

The total commission from the turnover of NFT and their derivatives on the marketplace is only 2%, at the same time, 50% of it is distributed among users of the NFTOPIUM marketplace. How it works?

1. Permanent marketplace royalty is 1% (on all sales). Out of which:

  • 0.5% belongs to the marketplace.
  • 0.1% - to users who maintain the database (metadata for nft) marketplace at their facilities (node) and froze staking to confirm their involvement N number of QOU tokens, as well as those who stuck their QUO tokens in favor of these nodes so that they can vote in their place and participate in the development marketplace.
  • The remaining 0.4% is allocated to the support and development recommendation program

NFTOPIUM DAO. That is, to members of the NFTOPIUM community who have someone has staked QUO tokens in the marketing structure. The remuneration is distributed 5 levels by:

  • 1 level 0.1% of the volume of the steak, in proportion to the total weight of the steaks in all the first levels of the marketing structure. Similarly, as it is considered proportionality of personal steaks.
  • 2 level - 0.1% of the volume of the steak, in proportion to the total weight of the steaks at all second levels of the marketing structure. Similarly, as it is considered proportionality of personal steaks
  • 3 level - 0,1% - || -
  • 4 level - 0,07% - || -
  • 5 level - 0,03% - || -

2. The constant commission of the marketplace on all purchases is 1% (like royalties from sales) Out of which:

  • 0.5% belongs to the marketplace.
  • 0.1% - to users who maintain the database (metadata for nft) marketplace at their facilities (node) and froze staking to confirm their involvement N number of QOU tokens, as well as those who staked (frozen) their QUO tokens in favor of these nodes so that they can vote instead of them and participate in marketplace development
  • The remaining 0.4% is allocated to the customer recommendation program. I.e members of the NFTOPIUM community who have someone in their marketing structure buys NFT or their derivatives on the NFTOPIUM platform. Reward distributed over 5 levels:
  • 1 level - 0.1% of the purchase amount
  • 2 level - 0,1% - || -
  • 3 level - 0,1% - || -
  • 4 level - 0,07% - || -
  • 5 level - 0,03% - || -

Rewards for these recommendation programs are awarded by a smart contract in QAS tokens once a day to optimize transaction costs. The seller simply gets 2% less than the price the buyer paid. Price for the buyer is shown immediately taking into account these 2%, therefore, in essence, users may not to be distracted from their creative activities, but at the same time to constantly make money on them. That's not all, with your own collection, you can create your own index.

Liquidity pool

NFTOPIUM liquidity pool is a protocol for converting crypto assets into QAS token and vice versa, which is part of the NFTOPIUM marketplace.

It is an automatic multi market maker (AMMM) following the example of similar protocols that exist today on the Ethereum blockchain.

The main liquidity pool pair is QAS (BEP-20) to USDT (BEP-20). Wherein, if the user wants to exchange one of the BSC-supported crypto assets of the standard BEP-20, the protocol creates a layered conversion. For example: BTCB-USDT-QAS.

It is possible to add (or extract) liquidity to the QUO farming pool only by adding QAS / USDT pair (BEP-20) in the ratio of the current token price

For direct conversion of QAS / USDT and USDT / QAS in addition to transaction costs BSC network protocol charges a commission of 0.3% and distributes it among the suppliers with liquidity provider tokens


BSC protocol, the main task of which is the gradual creation decentralized autonomous organization of independent users NFTOPIUM for management of the marketplace and its infrastructure, including pool protocols liquidity and NFTOPIUM Fund in the self governance format.

An indicator of the readiness of the NFTOPIUM DAO for full autonomy will be the achievement capitalization of NFTOPIUM Fund $ 550,000,000+. Moreover, according to clause 1, in the protocol NFTOPIUM DAO will unfreeze funds owned by the development team and management will become completely independent from the original team

Any user can become a member of the NFTOPIUM DAO if they have a personal stake in QUO tokens, while the level of reputation and significance of the vote of the DAO participant depends from factors:

  • the presence of a node that supports the NFTOPIUM DAO protocol chain on the BSC;
  • the volume of a personal steak;
  • the volume of the structural steak;
  • personal account, in which regular activity is traced (operations are not less than 1 time per week);
  • track record of completed tasks aimed at the development of NFTOPIUM DAO, which is transparently available in the DAO information section of the marketplace (development, marketing, PR, strategic development, etc.).

NFTOPIUM DAO members and any other NFTOPIUM users are rewarded for completing tasks aimed at the development of DAO with QAS amounts, the solution of which adopted by voting of the NFTOPIUM DAO members.


Part of the infrastructure of the NFTOPIUM DAO protocol, the purpose of which is to create collections of NFTs and shards, as well as capital in other crypto assets, total capitalization which will exceed $ 550 million. This capitalization is an integral part of capitalization of the entire issue of the QAS token.

To accomplish this task, members of the NFTOPIUM DAO can use any effective methods based on our own liquidity pools, for example, such solutions for non-custodial portfolio management like TokenSets. It can be used in the format of providing the QAS token with a basket of shards. This basket can be like unchanged in composition and rebalanced. Smart contract can manage 24/7 a portfolio of shards that it is provided with: according to the strategy specified by the algorithm (robo-sets), or according to the strategy of the chosen portfolio manager (public trading sets). When with this, at any time you can redeem this token with a basket of shards, with which it provided.

Other solutions are possible. Fortunately, we are at an early stage of development. technologies and possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

User's personal account NFTOPIUM

To create a personal account on the NFTOPIUM marketplace, the user needs bind personal email and any wallet that supports the BSC network. It can be Metamask or Trust Wallet.

The user account displays

Avatar (signed immediately, he is a member of the NFTOPIUM DAO or not yet); His name,

His name provided during registration;

The public address of the linked wallet (with the option to replace it);

Wallet balance

All of his NFT are subdivided into

  • personal;
  • public (those that are set to show for all users) and the number likes under them;
  • NFT and shard collections.

Also shown:

  • share in the tokenized collection (if any);
  • index and collection tokens (which he owns);
  • collections created by him DAO, indexes.

Highlighted separately:

  • his stake in QUO tokens and how much QAS he earned on it;
  • the stake of its structure in QUO tokens and how much QAS he earned on this;
  • its share in the liquidity pool with details of the amount of QAS and USDT, as well as how much he earned on it;
  • the number of active buyers at each of the 5 levels and how many QAS it is earned commissions for their activity.

Statistics of his activities:

  1. Participation in current auctions;
  2. Listed NFTs;
  3. Purchased, sold NFTs and their derivatives;
  4. An overall assessment of the value of his NFT portfolio and other assets;
  5. His borrower ratings;
  6. His achievements in the implementation of tasks aimed at the development of the NFTOPIUM DAO and rewards for them